Selborne Brickworks

Selborne Brickworks

The History. 

Selborne Bricks have been hand-made in the village since 1872 or later known towards the end of its life as tower brick and tile company went into administration in late 2009 and finally closed for business in 2011.

In 2016 the owner was found guilty of damaging/destroying the resting/breeding place of a wild animal of a European protected species


The Explore.

My Self and Urbex Devil found are selfs with not much else to do one weekend so planed what turned out to be a rather chilled out Sunday morning urbex.

After not really looking into the place too much other then on google maps we decided to hit the road, once we arrived we was shock to find so much stuff left over. The place almost felt as if the workers expected to come into work the next day but where never aloud. Things such as bricks in kilns ready to bake to pallets stacked with bricks ready to ship the place really did make for some awesome pictures.


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