Over Exposed

25 November 2020
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Over Exposed

Over Exposed 

The History.

Built in the early 1940s this Boeing RB-29A Superfortress served as a photo recognisance plane for the following crews, 16th Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron, 91st Reconnaissance Group, 311th Air Division in the strategic air command of USAF. The aircraft bore the name Over Exposed after it was flown in July 1946 by the 509th Composite Group during operation crossroads.

Operation crossroads was to photograph nuclear testing at bikini atol, including the dropping of an atomic bomb by fellow B-29 Superfortress named Dave’s Dream. 

Later in 1948 Over Exposed also took part in the Berlin airlift.

Unfortunately early in the morning on November 3rd 1948 during a non combated related routine flight the Super fortress came to its grim end.

After leaving RAF Scampton at 10.15am with a full crew of 11 plus 2 passenger’s and also followed by 2 other aircraft on route for a US Air Force Base at Burtonwood a miss calculation was made while descending thru thick fog and at roughly 11.00am flew straight into the Bleaklow Mores  at 610m above sea level killing all 13 on board instantly. It is believed the crew miss calculated there flying time from RAF Scampton and thought they had already passed the mores when they begun to descend.

The 2 planes following did not see the B-29 crash and it wasn’t until it didnt arrive at the base the RAF Mountain Rescue set out to find the missing plane.  The RAF Harper Hill recuse team located the crash site at 16:30 the same day and light was quickly fading they found the wreckage scattered about the mountain side with only the tail still intact.

The bodys of the crew where recovered the following morning and taken to Burtonwood. It is also noted that the plane was carrying $7,400 in wages for the Burtonwood airbase and this serviced the crash and fire and was found in the tail of the plane, this was recovered by the American Militray police.

With access to the crash site being near on impossible at the time the wreckage was left on the mountain side and concidering all the years it has been there parts can still be seen to this day and is now considered as a war marmoreal and known as the Bleaklow bomber.


The Explore.

Not so much of an explore this one. With needing to pick up some car parts from up the country it was a good excuse to see a few things along the way.

Having seen this one a couple of times online and being along my route we stopped of for what was a stupidly long hard walk.  4 miles up the side of the mores in the rain and bitter cold wind was not my idea of a good time how ever the views and pictures where well worth it, i can not recommend doing this unless u are prepared for hiking and know what you are getting your self in for.

R.I.P to those who lost their life’s in this crash.


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