North Weald Mobilisation Centre

North Weald Mobilisation Centre


North Weald Mobilisation Centre

The History.

Hidden deep in the woods surrounding north weald the remains of a 1889-1903 london defence scheme network of bunkers and shelters. Built as part of the London Defence Scheme between 1889 and 1903 the main use of these buildings were for small arms ammunition, tools and other equipment required for the batteries and infantry allocated for the defence of the neighbourhood in the event of a foreign invasion and if need could be used as a barracks. Altho some of these would have had defences such as machine guns and anti aircraft weapons they where not designed to be forts but could easily be defended in case of ground invasions at the time. This one holds the remains of an allan williams turret and these are very rare. Off to the side was a radio communications centre how ever very little remains of this.

The Explore.

Having seen this one a few times on other Urbex pages and being interested in the military side of Urbex this one was for sure on my list of places to see.

Accompanied by my partner and Urbex Devil we set off into the wood for what turned to be a peaceful afternoon. After arriving and struggling to find the centre its self due to everything being over grown we finally found it. Altho not being able to see one half of it due to flooding it was still an amazing walk around and thru what tunnels we could. To are surprise tho we found the remains of an allan williams anti aircraft turret and some amazing graffiti.



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