Mclaren 540c

Mclaren 540c

Mclaren 540c

Where to start with this one, Altho the entry level that Mclaren sell what an absolute machine.  At its hart sits a twin turbo 3.8l v8  matched up to a ssg twin clutch 7 speed gearbox she Kicks out a whopping 533bhp to the rear wheels and 398lb ft of torque from 3000rpm all the way up to 6,500 it really dosnt  hang about. Other specs such as 0-60 in 3.4s, 1/4miles in 10secs and a top speed of 198 it dose all of this with every day luxuriates such as air con, built in sat nav, launch controle, on board computer and the best bit of all a hydrolic  lift-able noise to get over speed bumps and uneven roads.

Luckily i get to drive this one and all i can say its wow, my face is left hurting from constant smiling and the noise from the v8 and twin turbos is music to my ears. Handling wise it is very good but needs respect it will kill you, things like warm tyres and weather conditions take a huge part in how this handles on the roads.  Anyways Enjoy

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