Croxley Green Disused Rail Link.

Croxley Green Disused Rail Link.

Croxley Green Disused Rail Link


The History.

This history for this one is a vast so a google search would probably be best.

The Line originally was used in the early 1800s how ever the currently line never fully opened due to unresolved disputes over the funding back in 2016 and was never finished.

Purposed stations along the line where Cassiobridge station, Watford Vicarage Road station and Watford West station.

It is now 2020 and the line is how you see it below, it currently has a approved for re open but suspended due to funding status so who knows what fait this 2mile stretch of track holds.

The Explore.

Having seen this one pop up in a local news article we and urbex devil decided to have a little look.

After having a dig around on line and asking a few people we knew from the area it would turn out that many people do know of this one.

1st checking this place out in mid summer we wasnt able to really see much let alone walk along the line so a revisit was in order and decided to leave it till the set from Jurassic park had died down, point less really as there wasnt anything to see other then line and some station platforms not to mention most of the bush was still there. Determined to try and get some pictures and to walk of of the line we set off braving the thorn bushes and cut up ankles. finally we made it from one end of the line to the other and back home in time for tea.



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