Abandoned Hospital.

Abandoned Hospital.


Abandoned Hospital 

Due to this place being relatively undamaged and graffiti free the name of this hospital or location WILL NOT be shared openly, if you know the location please do not comment as it will be deleted.

The History.

The Original Origination at the Health Care Centre was founded in 1905 to help Post Office workers suffering from tuberculosis. At that time TB was rife, especially among sorting clerks. It was killing many thousands of people a year. Only the very wealthy could afford medical help or a trip to a Swiss Sanatorium to recuperate in the fresh air.

One man had a radical idea to overcome the problem. Charles Garland, a Post Office clerk himself, decided to create a mutual self-help organisation so that the less well off could get access to the healthcare they so desperately needed. Everyone would contribute a small weekly amount into a fund. It would be used to help their colleagues or themselves if they were unlucky enough to contract TB. In the early days, it was known as The Post Office Sanatorium Society.

In 1907 the Health care centre became a hospital and became the centre for hospital treatment for members of Trade Unions and Friendly Societies and subsequently large numbers of public sector employees.. The services provided at the hospital have moved with the times. From treatment for tuberculosis, which was its original role, to the management of chest diseases, to the current day where the hospital provides a wide range of consultation, diagnosis and treatment services for most medical and surgical specialties.

This is where the current history on this part ends.

The Explore. 

The 2nd location for the day was this Private hospital. Not being planed for this we and having all of 10 mins research and a quick look at previous people who have visited this we decided it was definitely worth checking out. Apron arriving we was all a tad confused as to why this place was closed/abandoned. 90% of the site looks ready to open with just a quick clean and lick of paint where as others looked like they hadn’t been up kept for many years such as the swimming area.  To add a bit of excitement the active cctv cameras and Warring Police Dogs In Training Sign always add that bit of excitement to things (not).  After a quick 15 20 min walk around the site we found no ways in and looking thru windows everything we had seen in pictures had been removed so we decided to leave and just admire this one from the out side, that and we are sure we kept hearing someone on a bike and a fence being banged. While leaving we found a a sign on the main gate saying the site due for demolition planning permission back in 2019 how ever it was denied and the building still stands so who knows what the future holds for this one.


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