367BHP Blobeye Impreza

367BHP Blobeye Impreza

Here we have a Subaru Impreza Blobeye WRX with a bit of a difference, 127bhp difference from when it originally left the factory 15 years ago but that isn’t where this build stops.

Now you remember the show interceptors, that police show that had a few imprezas and evos on the force well here is one in the flesh how ever after its time with the emergency services all traces of lights and sirens where removed leaving only the looms that went to nothing.

With the owner being a bit of a track nut this simple wrx has under gone a lot of work to make that already amazing grip and handling Evan better, sti control arms and more Polly bushing then you can count, mtek discs with ebc yellow stuff pads, BC BR coil overs and Nankang tyres all round.

Of Course fancy Polly bushing and expensive tyres don’t make it produce the power figures it dose and this has been done by fuel pump and injector upgrades matched up with a bigger turbo and front mount inter cooler along with a full noise legal track legal race exhaust system. This is all controlled via the custom map that has launch control and antilag enabled.

A stock wrx at these powers would blow its gearbox on a track in a matter of no time so that has also been converted from the stock 5 speed wrx box to the sti 6 speed box allowing for more power and longer life of the box.

With racing power figures isn’t always key and this is shown in the form of making it as light weight as possible, back seats who needs them a radio, nope not for a track random wire that goes no where get rid of it. Carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre spoiler and rare HKS Kansai Service Carbon Fibre Diffuser all play a part in making the car overall lighter. 

The parts list goes on and on with brands such as Mishimoto for cooling and intake parts, RCM on the fueling and exhaust parts, Bc Coilvers, Hel performance, Whiteline And Powerflex, EBC brakes, Exedy Clucths and Sparco.


Hope you enjoy.

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23 May 2020

Thanks for the feature! 😍 Can’t wait to do more pictures when the rest of the work finally starts on it

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