Abandoned Hospital.
  Abandoned Hospital  Due to this place being relatively undamaged and graffiti free the name of this hospital or location WILL NOT be shared openly, if you know the location please do not comment as it will be deleted. The History. The Original Origination at the Health Care Centre was founded in 1905 to help […]
Abandoned Sussex Railway.
Tenterden’s Abandoned Railway. The History. The Kent & East Sussex Railway opened in 1900 as England’s first ‘light railway’, serving the rural communities of East Sussex and Kent. Closing to passengers in 1954, the line was saved and reopened by a charitable organisation in 1974. It now operates steam hauled and diesel observation trains on […]
367BHP Blobeye Impreza
Here we have a Subaru Impreza Blobeye WRX with a bit of a difference, 127bhp difference from when it originally left the factory 15 years ago but that isn’t where this build stops. Now you remember the show interceptors, that police show that had a few imprezas and evos on the force well here is […]
Mclaren 540c
Mclaren 540c Where to start with this one, Altho the entry level that Mclaren sell what an absolute machine.  At its hart sits a twin turbo 3.8l v8  matched up to a ssg twin clutch 7 speed gearbox she Kicks out a whopping 533bhp to the rear wheels and 398lb ft of torque from 3000rpm […]
Grain Tower Battery
Located about 400 meters out to sea the off coast of isle of grain sits this amazing sea fort that is just full of hidden surprises, holes in the floor and tons of history Construction began in 1848 but difficulties were soon encountered in laying the foundations and construction paused until 1853 where it took […]
Selborne Brickworks
The History.  Selborne Bricks have been hand-made in the village since 1872 or later known towards the end of its life as tower brick and tile company went into administration in late 2009 and finally closed for business in 2011. In 2016 the owner was found guilty of damaging/destroying the resting/breeding place of a wild […]